Soil Testing

Got dirt?? Want good soil?? 

What’s the difference?

Garden trowel in garden soilSoil is the primary source of water and nutrients for plants. It also provides the physical anchor that enables plants to stand upright. If the soil is managed well, the plants will be healthy and productive, and the quality and quantity of our water supplies will be better protected. (AgriLife Extension  Texas Master Gardener Handbook, pg. 2-1)

Montgomery County has many different types of soil, from sandy to clay and everything in-between.

If you are not familiar with your soil, you may benefit from a soil test. The following link will give you information about how and where to send a soil sample.  Soil testing submittal form.

You may also obtain a soil sample bag and form at:

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension – Montgomery County

9020 Airport Rd   Conroe, TX   77303   Phone:  936-539-7824

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