‘Mrs. Schiller’s Delight’ – a Spectacular Flower Show of White

by Cliff Blackerby, Master Gardener

Mrs. Schiller’s Delight is an evergreen shrub growing 3-5 wide and tall, valued for its compact, dwarf habit. While a slow grower, the plant does not require a lot of maintenance and once established is drought tolerant. While best planted in full sun they will grow in shadier portions of the garden but will not flower as much.Shrub with with delicate flowers

The plant is covered in a profusion of small, delicate white flowers from late February to mid-March. After flowering it puts out red berries that turn black, attracting birds. Mrs. Schiller’s works great as a foundation plant or as a low growing shrub for middle or foreground landscapes. Its foliage looks somewhat like Yaupon and can be used as a replacement in landscape gardening for Yaupon or disease prone Hawthorn shrubs prevalent in our area.

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The MCMGA Plant Sale will be held at the Texas AgriLife Extension Center, 9020 Airport Road in Conroe. For questions, call the MCMGA hotline at 936-539-7824 or visit the website at www.mcmga.com for the complete Spring Plant Sale List.

Remember to bring your own wagon!

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